Haa . Ape tengok-tengok?

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”I vow to love you, and no matter what challenges might carry us apart,
we will always find a way to get back to each other..”

End of spectacular moment

( Hello dear bed, we're in relationship again!)


AlhamduLILLAH, finally. hectic months,weeks,days,second,minutes with books to concentrate on my huge exam. Most of them are quite tough but I had done my best and all I have to do is keep on praying and let everything to Him, ALLAH S.W.T

Some people will say that when you finished your last paper, those enthusiasm and exaggerate feeling you just can;t describe it only by words. It needs an action though. For me, A little bit freedom but still AlhamduLILLAH. I've made it to finish all the 11 subjects. Well done fellas!

Too many precious moments. Laughing, Crying, Persuading , Serenity , Fighting. What else? 1000 words couldn't describe though. 

Everyone is going to be Hulk's children. hehe

At the end of school, is anyone care about cleanliness and sanitation of their room?

I'm going to miss this surrounding. Breathing the fresh air and soothes the eye. This is true and I'm not lying haha

Im going to miss everything. *tears*

Well, I end my post today with....

paham tak? tak paham? pakcik google ade. hehe
Thank you ALLAH.

belog hehangat!