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”I vow to love you, and no matter what challenges might carry us apart,
we will always find a way to get back to each other..”

Farm in the city

Kaifa halukum? hehe so well I decided to write a post about my first day in 365 days of 2014. AlhamduLILLAH , it is such a great start. May ALLAH bless all of us.. Ameen ya RABB

Firstly, Im a girl who really loves animal. To me, animals are wonderful creatures that ALLAH created for us. We can see that they are so many species of them in this enormous world. For more, I do want to be a Doctor who get involved in Veterinary Medicine. InsyaALLAH.. 

So tonight, I want to tell everyone about one of the special place in Malaysia that you can visit with your family. This place is really suitable for kids. What are you waiting for? Come and grab this opportunity! 

Venue : Farm in The City , Seri Kembangan
for details : Google.com 

Feeding the tortoise is one of the greatest feeling.

Pig-nosed Turtle. Serious, I never knew that there is kind of this species. ALLAHUAKBAR~

This turtle is like a species that same to alligator.

If you notice on the branches, ada kulit ular yang dah salin kulit. kalau nampak, tahniah la hehe

Hai. sorang je?

Okay, this is SKUNK. yang suka keluarkan angin yang bushuk bushuk tu hehe
Seriously, Im so happy when I touched it. I was like.. MasyaALLAH, indahnya ciptaan ALLAH.. rasa terharu sampai nak nangis hehe over pulak, cam sinetron indonesia yg petang2 selalu tayang kat tv3 hehe. Lembut weh bulu dia~ Siap malu2 bila nak amik gambar dia. Oh please, nak bawak balik rumah!!

This video was created as I wanted to tell you that this bird can repeat what were you saying. Let say, Im going to say 'Hi' and it will Hi us back! I was like.. Im the happiest person! AlhamduLILLAH ya Qawi..~

Anyone want to ask the boy for phone number? Hahaha

Fennec fox

At the end of the place, you were provided with Photo Corner and Souvenir Shop :))


Last but not least,

Happy schooling and Happy resting plus holiday to U students that just finished their final exam! :))
apa azam baru korang?

The End.

A handmade from Malaysia.

Assalamualaikum. so harini , I want to share with all of you about a handmade product from Malaysia. 
Its made up from pewter which is not easily rust. What the donts is do not spray your perfume directly to the brooch or dokoh.The colour may fade slowly and slowly. You can see the pin is more grip and strong than the other pin that you have ever seen before this. Apart from that, there is a warranty whether the pin is disloged from the position or maybe your pin is not strong. but so far, we still didn't received the pin was disloged from its position and so on.

This is originally and authentically a handmade product from Malaysia. You can order followed by your own favourite design, the antique gold, gold, antique silver or silver type plus the long and short of the necklace.
If you are interested with these products or you want a further information, you can call us at 

0176970600 - Mrs Rosmah Mustafah
0196387300 - Ms Fitri Najiha 

or you can go directly to the website http://www.ajnadi.blogspot.com  

There are still many of them! Come and visit us on our website ;)

belog hehangat!